TomCloud Use Cases

Make your journey to the cloud easier and faster with solutions designed specifically for your use case, industry, and organization with TomCloud

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is an integrated hybrid solution through TomCloud services and 3rd-party technologies. With this solution, you are able to easily establish a highly available global platform to manage a broadcast event for your audience on any device without the need to install, configure, and manage costly infrastructure

Credit Risk Management

TomCloud Credit Risk Management Solution allows you to easily apply machine learning and use your own dataset to develop, train, and deploy credit risk models. It comes with a template including workflow, algorithm, and test dataset that makes the variable transformation process highly efficient

FinTech Database

TomCloud’s comprehensive database solutions can help FinTech organizations migrate databases from on-premises to more cost-effective, more efficient, and more flexible cloud-native databases with enterprise-grade security

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is effective because it allows businesses to easily scale marketing campaigns and target audiences. Make your business customer-centric while keeping marketing campaigns cost-effective with TomCloud


TomCloud’s ready-to-use all-in-one online education solution offers you a suite of powerful cloud-based services such as VOD, CDN, OSS, and EBM to develop, implement, and deliver digital media content on multiple platforms with low latency and high concurrency across the globe


TomCloud’s comprehensive e-commerce solutions come with the same leading technologies paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios such as live-streaming, cross-border, and big data analysis. TomCloud enables your e-commerce business to stand out from competitors


Cloud plays a crucial role in providing a seamless experience and direct playability for gamers across all devices from all over the globe. Cloud gaming solutions enable enterprises to develop advanced and unique games with a better in-built user experience, much lower response time, as well as lower operational and maintenance costs


TomCloud’s Personalized Content Recommendation solution allows you to build and launch a personalization solution experience for your audience based on their behavior, on a global basis, in the shortest possible time. It brings together fully or partially managed large-scale data warehouse systems to support massive datasets

Financial Services

With a comprehensive suite of cloud services and a proven track record, TomCloud boosts the capabilities of financial customers of all sizes, allowing you to accelerate your innovation on the cloud. Our solution enables FinTech companies to run workloads on the cloud with higher scalability

Big Data

Big Data is a game-changer in today’s enterprise environment since the entire industry is becoming more data-driven. Our team will help you align with your stakeholders to identify your big data strategy, conduct assessments on your current big data maturity, propose a solution, and make a roadmap

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